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ONR Podcast: California community leaders debate over 'law and order' comments from national leaders

By ONME Newswire

ONME News Review: Today, show host Julia Dudley Najieb featured Part 1 in "News too Real" podcast on police reform, "Reframing the debate over law and order: how to provide safety and justice in our communities," from California-wide Ethnic Media Services (EMS) media briefing this past month.

Guest expert, Michael German, Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice, Liberty and National Security; former Special Agent, FBI described his experience working undercover to monitor white supremacy groups and white supremacy in the police force.

Next guest expert, Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight, Founder and National Executive Director, Mothers In Charge, Inc. shared her story of her 24 year-old son who was killed when he was shot seven times over a parking space; he was not affiliated with any gangs or criminal activity but was accused of such activities by public opinion because he was a Black man, according to Dr. Johnson-Speight. She also discussed what is more effective when it comes to police reform and community relations in Black and Brown communities.

In Part 2 ONR podcast episode, guest speaker, Raj Jayadev, Cofounder, Silicon Valley De-Bug, a community media and organizing collective in San Jose, CA, which pioneered the development of participatory defense in criminal justice proceedings, will discuss the efforts of police reform happening in San Jose, CA.


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