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ONME Videotized Guest-Posting Service

ONME News now has an automated, videotized guest-posting service: The ONME News guest-posting service is dedicated to book authors, op-ed writers, columnists, freelance journalists and businesses who wish to expand their online audience and reach, especially to online, California, digital readers and viewers.

The auto-service options are geared toward individuals, small businesses and freelancers who are in need of a quick turnaround for outreach, as well as an all-in-one distribution package.

One-Time Post

Great option for book authors, op-ed writers and columnists who are wanting to expand their audience reach to Black Californian digital readers and viewers.  Articles can be up to 750 words and can include one photo and one video.  The news article will then be videotized and included in the online ONME News TV channel programming and news reel for up to 30 days.

Book Stack

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ONME Videotized Guest-Posting Service

Submissions take up to three business days to review.  Delays may occur in the event that the submission does meet the above guidelines; then the submitter will be contacted and given up to three business days to fix the errors.

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