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ONME Minority Media Collaborative

The ONME Minority Media Collaborative (ONME MMC) consists of BIPOC news publishers, niche online and offline media outlets, podcasters, broadasters, radio show hosts, radio stations, and community influencers who are the trusted messengers in their communities from throughout California.

The mission of the group is to utilize its community relationships with a concerted effort in reaching local communities effectively and responsibly, meeting media campaign goals.

Group members agree to be accurate in their circulation numbers, media deliverables, sincerely outreaching to diverse, disadvantaged or underrepresented communities.

All group members have been properly vetted to confirm their media backgrounds and/or community influence.

For entities and businesses looking to reach the California community, please fill in the form below so that we can furnish your request.

Media Spend Request

Choose the type of outreach (mark all tha apply)

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