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CA Sec. of State Padilla says mail-in ballots during COVID-19 pandemic will be safe, here's why ...

By ONME Newswire

FRESNO, CA --As anxiety over election-safety has been looming from the White House to registered voters' houses, mail-in ballots have been the point of contention; however, Californians are reassured that the upcoming voting process for the upcoming 2020 November 3 Presidential Election is very safe:

In an Ethnic Media Services briefing last Wednesday, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla spoke to media about the updates and facts regarding the upcoming Presidential election, reiterating that the Golden State has pledged to make mail-in ballots available for all voters, and that they are ready to receive the influx, as well as to make in-person voting available for those who want to use it.

Alex Padilla was sworn in as California Secretary of State on January 5, 2015, and previously served in the California State Senate (2006-2014) where he chaired the Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications. He also served as President of the

National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO).

ONME News Review host Julia Dudley Najieb reviewed excerpts of the briefing with viewers and listeners last Friday, giving the audience the privilege to hear for themselves directly from CA State Secretary Padilla, (see video above.)

With California officially surpassing 21 million active registered voters for the first time in history, Padilla discussed the importance of informing people about voting access information early on as members of the public grow concerned from misinformation regarding voter fraud, mail-in ballots, ballot signatures, and registering to vote..

Padilla suggested that voting by mail (VBM) is the safest way to vote this year to avoid person-to-person contact during the COVID-19 pandemic: watermarks, certified printers and unique barcodes on envelopes are just a few of the measures already in place to protect the integrity of the VBM process. In fact registered voters can track their ballots through the entire process by signing up for Where's My Ballot? See the ballot transactions in real time.

Counties will start mailing ballots the first week of October; October 19th is the final day to register to vote easily online.

Watch full podcast above to get direct and factual voting information for California.


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