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ONME California Event Promos
Place your event promo, shout-out, notice or business annoucement California-wide!
Feature an event promo on the ONME Network for 30 days!

 (Placement on the ONME Network online, featured news blog vodcast-article and TV placement in between programming)
(Up to 12 announcements per vodcast/podcast/post)
Here are the amenities:  
(5-7 business days to process request; the deadline is 11th of every month to submit materials.  Event video is featured on the 1st.)
  • Events are put into one vodcast video and placed in ONME Network programming for TV and online (on-demand and during online linear programming)
  • Events are placed on the ONME California Event Calendar via a singular, video for up to 30 days
  • Events are also featured in a news blog article posted on the ONME News website
  • The news article post with the events/deals/specials will be emailed to the several thousand ONME subscribers per post
  • Events are also placed in the ONME Audio Podcast Network and are distributed to third-party networks

California Event Promo
Form Submission & Payment

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Thank you for your submission! We will follow up shortly!

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