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About The ONME Network

The mission and purpose of The ONME Network is to collaborate with local California news outlets and distribute to the masses with the intent of keeping readers and viewers informed with the latest local, regional and state news information happening in black communities.


Since 2012, The ONME Network, which stands for “One New Media Expression,” has featured original news and information, entertainment and community-based programming from throughout California’s Black communities.

 The ONME Network is a collaboration of local publishers who have come together to provide local, regional premium news content to Black communities throughout California.  Each participating publisher has its own territory and is provided an ONME News video player for their website to showcase their regional content along with the state news content provided by ONME News.  Current news publishers participating include:  The Bay Area Review, Live-I-5 Radio News, The Westside Story Newspaper, and ONME News – Central Valley Edition.  ONME News recently added KOFP Radio as another hyper-local news outlet geared toward Fresno County listeners in the Central Valley.

ONME News also fills in for territories in California considered Black-perspective news deserts; the ONME News – Central Valley Edition has covered local and regional news from Modesto, Calif. to Tulare, Calif for the past 10 years.

The ONME Network produces original news content for video and audio podcasts, as well as offline hyper-local, television programming, based on special events and significant holidays happening throughout California, (i.e. Black History Month, Juneteenth, MLK Day.)

Viewers can watch California-based, 24/7, linear programming online to watch hyper-local news and informative content.  Niche online news programming is broadcasted and watched by diverse audiences through ONME News video players available on the participating publishers’ websites.

ONME Clients & Partners

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