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New report provides key data about Blacks in California to will help ethnic media outlets maximize t

Counting Black California (CBC), a new report that provides demographic information about where Black Californians live, who they are and which census tracts are the hardest-to-count in the state is now available to media outlets.

Commissioned by California Black Media, the CBC report will give editors, journalists, program producers and media/marketing professionals access to important localized data that helps them craft, deepen and geo-target their Census 2020 public education messages.

The main goal is to maximize their effectiveness and reach.

“California Black Media is relying on our media network that serves more than 1 million people in the state to raise awareness about the importance of African Americans participating in the Census, said Regina Brown Wilson, executive director of California Black Media. “Historically, we have been one of the most undercounted groups in America. Census counts affect everything – from our representation in congress to the amount of federal aid a neighborhood receives for programs like Head Start.”

Research for the CBC report was conducted by Walter Scott Hawkins. He is a senior research associate with NewHawk, a data collection firm that focuses on gathering, mining and analyzing demographic information and providing political campaign support.

“Details like a county-by-county breakdown of where Blacks live and facts about the state’s foreign-born population can easily be retrieved to use in strategic planning or as background information to flesh out stories,” said Larry Lee, publisher of the Sacramento Observer.

About the Author of Counting Black California

Walter Hawkins is a native of San Angelo, Texas. A GI brat, he was educated in Texas, Japan, Germany and California. He graduated from Victor Valley High School in Victorville, California and attended college at San Diego State University where he obtained his BA, MSW, and Pupil Personnel Service Credential. Currently, Hawkins is a Senior Research Associate with NewHawk. The consulting firm focuses on demographic research, geographic information systems (GIS), political campaign support, database management and digital imaging.

About California Black Media

California Black Media exists to facilitate communication between the Black community, media, grassroots organizations, and policymakers by providing fact-based reporting on leading public policy issues that impact the lives of our audience and their communities. Our network is comprised of over 21 Black media

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