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Dedicated residents look beyond financial literacy issues in predominantly minority community

FRESNO, CA - Statistics have shown, according to May 2018 U.S. News article, that as a group, African-Americans have difficulty climbing the economic ladder in America; the article also explained that even better access to healthcare and education – both of which public policy specialists consider essential to improving one's economic status – can't erase the disadvantage of having little or no wealth to start with.

Professor of economics and urban policy at The New School in New York, Darrick Hamilton, explained that wealth is a drastic indicator of equality; working hard and having financial literacy does not bring up the equality factor, where African-Americans are at a very low 4 percent on the Equality Index in regards to wealth.

However against all odds, a community development project in the South West Fresno community, The 24/7 Miracle Center , has a different picture in mind, meeting at the Mary Ellen Brown Community Center every week to participate in a financial literacy course that is helping local resident in developing and refining basic financial literacy competencies.