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Ornelas successfully seeking new votes for Fresno County Supervisor Area 1 seat

FRESNO, CA—As the primary elections are steadily approaching throughout California June 5th, races are heating up and becoming more unpredictable than previously forecasted.

Fresno County Supervisor Area 1 candidate Jose Ornelas is upsetting the balance of this seat by fervently running against incumbent Brian Pacheco by aggressively encouraging and finding new voters throughout Fresno County

In 2014, Ornelas ran for city council in the city of San Joaquin due to the injustices in the local government system he witnessed; he felt there was a need for nurturing leaders and a voice to make changes in the community, and he has been serving in that seat ever since.

Through his experience as a community leader and a small business owner over the past 25 years, as well as familiarity of the district living in Mendota, Tranquility, Kerman, and West Fresno, Ornelas intends to be the voice of advocacy for small businesses, as stated on his website:

“My experience with real world small and big business, practical local government knowledge, and self-determination will help me serve families better …I will advocate for important issues such as water, safety, education, health, and injustices. We need to advocate for additional funds to have the same resources throughout Fresno County.”

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Ornelas, his mother and sisters move to the United Stated when he was 13 to be with his father who worked as a migrant in the San Joaquin Valley.

Ornelas graduated from Tranquility High School in 1996, attended Fresno City College and Fresno State in 2003 to study mathematics, thereafter starting a successful business as a real estate and life insurance agent.

In 2005, Jose opened a tax preparation business in Kerman, CA; three years later he moved his business to his hometown of San Joaquin.

Ornelas is also a member of Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL UN-tapped) an education program that ensures that local leaders have a context in water policy in making decisions about water. Since WELL’s inception, more than 245 of California’s 400 Latino city council members, mayors, county supervisors and school board members have participated in annual WELL conferences.

“My record of establishing ‘People First Leadership’ is unmatched. I hope to earn your vote for Supervisor so that I may continue my public service to all stakeholders, Fresno County agencies, and all communities. I will work with all residents of Fresno County, with loyalty, neutrality, transparency, and efficiency.”

On his free time, Ornelas enjoys spending time with his wife Nadia and his five children, Jose Jr., Gustavo, Angel, Oscar, and Shayla.

Ornelas' final thoughts:

Watch Ornelas live on The ONME Network this Sunday (April 22nd) on political talk show, "The Conversation," from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM with hosts Mel Sanders, Kimberly Jackson, Cato and Jewell Riversmith:

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