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Photos from the Stephon Clark Protest March 23

Photos by Antonio R. Harvey - March 23, 2018.

Protesters March west down Florin Road in South Sacramento to 24th Street. More than 300 marchers participated.

Stevante Clark:

"Yall know I love you. They are gonna try to bring up his past, the disrespectful media, with fake news. They are gonna try to expose my brother and make us look bad. Don't yall understand what's happening. They tried to exploit us in our pain."

"Listen, I ain't never seen Black Lives Matter out here, I ain't never seen the NAACP out here until tonight. Aint nobody has ever been here for us. But I love you Black Lives Matter. I love all the community. Sac...we all we got. NO MORE GANG BANGING."

Diane Gomez (Community activist):

"We need to start leaning on each other to make a better Sacramento for all of us. We have solutions to our community's problems. We have to find solutions for our children. But we have to do it peacefully with love. Looks what out here. Asian, Black, White, Mexican, Indian. We want to be safe."

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