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New business hub launches, featuring 10 minority businesses in airport district

Fresno, CA--As Fresno is becoming a business transit for companies visiting or migrating from the Bay Area and Los Angeles locales, the demand for small office space in easy-access locations is rising. More and more executives are looking for temporary space to execute their business affairs while traveling.

New Vision View Business Formation Center, (VVBFC) located a few blocks away from the Fresno International Airport, is the brainchild of business owner Laneesha Senegal. VVBFC serves the airport district for business travelers and entrepreneurs who are looking for unique, inexpensive office space to do their work.

Senegal is known for her non-profit, Helping Others Pursue Excellence, or HOPE, which partners with organizations including the Fresno Housing Authority to provide job and entrepreneurship training and business formation services.

“When locals, businesses, and business travelers visit the city of Fresno, often times they seek a location where they can access a virtual office, cyber lounge, conference room, private meeting space, and additional business services. Vision View Business Formation Center is championing this effort to meet the full-service demand in the airport district," stated VVBFC partners in brochure provided.

VVBFC has evolved into a partnership with entrepreneur Kina McFadden of business consulting company Eye Connect Dots, and Adrian Harris, CEO of event promotion company FresnoVibe/BlackWallStreet.

VVBFC prides itself on making office space affordable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, from $50.00/month as a virtual tenant to $350.00/month for office space; 10 minority businesses have been able to launch their companies in the new location successfully.

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