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Group of Black Men Rally to Support Students After Moreno Valley Teacher Makes Offensive Comment

A group of black men held an impromptu event to welcome and encourage students at Edgemont Elementary in Moreno

Moreno Valley, CA --After a teacher at a Moreno Valley Elementary School allegedly referred to a student as a slave, a local group of black men decided to hold an impromptu "men's mob," on Monday to show support for students and emphasize the importance of education. Moreno Valley is located about an hour and a half east of Los Angeles in a region called the Inland Empire. The city is about 20 percent white, 30 percent Latino and 20 percent black.

The men's mob gathered at Edgemont Elementary School and formed a welcoming line to encourage and support students. A women's group held a similar event on Tuesday morning.

"The goal was to show the administration that we, as black men, support education," said Jerry Green, a community advocate and member of the group.

The group was also joined by Moreno Valley School Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora and Moreno Valley School Board President Cleveland Johnson.

Kedziora said he was appreciative of Green and his group. Kedziora said he attended the event to show students that adults care about them.

He added that children absorb a lot of the negativity they see in the media, and it's important for them to know that adults value their welfare.

"It (the men's mob event) sends a valuable message to our community," said Kedziora. "I wish it happened more often."

According to Green, the teacher in question has been put on administrative leave while the issue is being investigated. The situation will also be addressed at a school board meeting on Wednesday.

"The district handled it correctly," said Green.

A school district representative said he couldn't comment on the situation while it was being investigated.

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