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Fresno Chapter of (BAPAC) holds planning conference to develop and set course

FRESNO,CA-- The Black American Political Association of California- Fresno Chapter (BAPAC) is hosting a planning conference at Gaston Middle School located at 1100 E. Church Ave. Fresno, CA 93706, Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 8:30a to 4p to help develop and set the course for African Americans and others throughout the state. “In our mission as advocates for equity to the African American, and other underserved communities, we are committed to expand our efforts for unity and open ended inclusion of all persons of good will that are willing to partner with us," Dr. Henry A. Hendrix, State Vice President Central Region. Educators, students, political figures, and African American organizations are invited to attend and participate in a variety of workshops and forums that focus on topics that are affecting communities politically and socially. Attendees participation and ideas will have a direct impact on shaping the 2017 BAPAC State Convention. Organizers encourage attendance to help create this very important mission at this very crucial time. “Our Future Matters… Saving Tomorrow, Today” # # # For more information about this conference, please contact Janee at 559.457.8500 or email

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