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'Schools Not Prisons' Art & Music Festival educates the Valley of shocking realities

Touring music and arts activist are performing throughout California to inform, educate and entertain communities about the staggering statistics among people of color in prison and youth detention centers.

FRESNO, CA --As stated on their website, "#SchoolsNotPrisons free music and art tour has been partnering with California communities that have been impacted by the overuse of punishment and incarceration to ask the question:

What really keeps us safe?"

The advocates for "Schools Not Prisons" have a list of facts and figures concerning the lack of resources for students and the dominance and punishment mainly among students of color. The website also states:

For decades, California has been overspending on prisons under the mistaken idea that punishing and incarcerating people is what keeps

communities safe, whereas instead it breaks apart families and

communities – especially communities of color.

Since 1980, California has built 22 prisons but just one UC campus. And in 2014, youth arrests outnumbered youth votes.

Tour partners & artists are standing up for a new vision of school and

community safety centered on health, education, and investing in youth.

And we are ready to get loud for #SchoolsNotPrisons and VOTA!

ONME News was also able to get an exclusive interview with Oakland native rap activist Mistah F.A.B. who has family members and relatives currently serving long prison sentences due to underprivileged circumstances-- lack of funds for an attorney.

Watch Mistah F.A.B. interview below in ONME #schoolsnotprisons full excerpt (interview is toward the end.)

Also did you miss the freestyle rap Mistah F.A.B. did of Fresno? Watch it below!

Find out about more #SchoolsNotPrisons tours throughout California by going to their website:

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