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Watch last episode of 'Keeping It Honest and Real on COVID-19' from the Black church perspective

Watch an excerpt from Pastor Tobaise Brookins and a message from Rev. Dr. Paul Binion on the COVID-19 experience from their eyes

By ONME Newswire

Keeping It Honest and Real on COVID-19 web-series is brought to you by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation. Go to to get the most updated information on the COVID-19 virus as well as the vaccine.

In this final episode of the limited web series, Keeping It Honest and Real on COVID-19, an excerpt from an audio podcast interview with Pastor Tobaise Brookins about COVID-19 reveals his pandemic experience from his eyes.

Meanwhile, Rev. Dr. Paul Binion, Jr. expresses encouraging words to the Central Valley community as to why Black people should not be fearful of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


Listen to audio podcast interview below with Pastor Tobaise Brookins of The Bethesda Churches in and throughout Fresno County:

Keeping It Honest and Real on COVID-19 : An In-depth Interview with a Pastor on the COVID-19 Vaccine Experience



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