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Several California Assembly Districts and one Congressional to have special elections this Tuesday

Producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews the upcoming Special Elections April 5

By ONME Newswire

News Too Real March 31, 2022: In episode 2 of season 4, producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews the candidates running in the upcoming Tuesday, April 5, 2022 Special Elections: State Assembly Member District 11, State Assembly Member District 62, State Assembly Member District 80 Candidate, and Congressional District 22.

Viewers can watch the News Too Real video podcast online at scheduled times 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM PST or on-demand via OTT channels Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Important Dates:

News Too Real Podcast 3-31-22 Headlines:


Hampton University recently announced it would be offering free tuition, room and board to 50 to 100 Ukrainian and international students studying in the European country due to the ongoing war and devastation.

While some people celebrated the move, not everyone was warm to the idea. Some in Black America questioned Hampton’s motives, while others pointed out the racism many African students said they experienced when trying to flee Ukraine.


It was revealed on March 30 that both Apple and Facebook parent company, Meta, were duped by child hackers impersonating law enforcement officers last year, according to a report from Bloomberg. The two companies allegedly responded to emergency data requests from customers and unwittingly provided personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and even IP addresses of customers with these unknown parties in the process.

The group behind the phony emergency requests were believed to be minors located in the U.S. and U.K., with one reported to be aligned with one of two hacking groups, known as Recursion Team or Lapsus$. Lapsus$ is a South America-based collective rumored to be behind cyberattacks against tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. It is still unknown at this time whether Lapsus$ or Recursion Team were behind the impersonation of law enforcement.


Los Angeles County is opening a new front in the war on poverty, offering $1,000 a month for the next three years to 1,000 people in its poorest neighborhoods, housed or unhoused, citizens or not, to spend however they see fit.

In the country’s most populous county, where 25% of the children live in poverty, the guaranteed income program, named “Breathe,” is the largest, longest-lasting one yet in the United States.

It’s funded by 2021’s federal American Rescue Plan Act. Attached to it is a confidential research component, funded by The California Endowment, seeking a “sweet spot” of maximum effectiveness for future programs.

Applications open March 31 and close April 13.


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