Governor Newsom outlines state efforts to fight wildfires, protect vulnerable Californians

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Gov. Newsom wants to ensure that going forward, all Californians have safe, affordable, reliable and clean power

SACRAMENTO – Last week Governor Gavin Newsom redoubled his call for fundamental change to PG&E and laid out a path forward to ensure the overly broad application of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) will never happen again.

After spending eight days on the road talking to Californians during the blackouts and wildfires and deploying state resources to help those impacted, the Governor outlined the state’s efforts to fight wildfires, protect vulnerable Californians and ensure that going forward, Californians have safe, affordable, reliable, and clean power.

In a Medium post and in taking questions at the Capitol from media, the Governor laid out the steps the parties in the PG&E bankruptcy must take to ensure safety investments and fundamental transformations can be made before the next fire season. His office also released a roadmap of how a transformed PG&E should operate.

To help the state game out every option and be prepared to intervene, the Governor is tapping his Cabinet Secretary Ana Matosantos to serve as Energy Czar along a with a dedicated team of advisors. Matosantos will continue to serve as Cabinet Secretary and play a leadership role in the budget process.

Watch full press conference here:

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