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Black-owned news outlets will run Gov. Newsom’s quarterly column “On the Record”

Starting this month, over a dozen California African American-owned-and-operated news outlets - including the Los Angles Sentinel, the Oakland Post, the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, the Sacramento Observer, the Inland Valley News, Black Voice News and the San Francisco Sun Reporter - will publish in-print and online a quarterly column Gov. Gavin Newsom writes to inform Californians about important policy issues impacting them. 

“California is proud to be the most diverse state in the world’s most diverse democracy,” said Governor Newsom. “All Californians deserve to know that their government is working for them, We look forward to collaborating with our media partners - and inviting others who might be interested in partnering -  to bring our ‘California for All’ message to communities across our state.”

The column will be translated into six languages and published by over 50 ethnic media and other niche news services.

“In this information era dominated by high tech platforms, Governor Newsom is sending an important signal that government needs high touch communicators embedded in and trusted by their local communities,” said Regina Brown Wilson, executive director of California Black Media.



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