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'The Conversation' covers the last of South Valley politics before wrap-up show June 3

FRESNO, CA-- With only 4 days until the primary elections, viewers and listeners are paying close attention to any information regarding local candidates; The ONME Network has been featuring Central Valley candidates on popular online show, The Conversation, which allows for candid remarks from the hosts, viewers and candidates themselves.

This past Sunday featured South Valley community leader and activist, Paula Massey as co-host to VBTalk Radio's Jewell Riversmith. During the second hours, Massey explained the trends in the local politics happening in the South Valley; the show was then followed by a 2-hour forum featuring South Valley candidates (watch it on The ONME Network's On-Demand player on the home page or in rebroadcasts all this week, until Tues., June 5.)

The May 20 The Conversation featured Calif. Congressional District 22 Candidate Bobby Bliatout, and Calif. Board of Equalization, District 1 Candidate Connie Conway.

This Sunday, the June 3 episode of The Conversation reviews local judges and state measures on the Tuesday's primary voter's ballot. Hosts will also delve into who the best candidates are for the urban and black communities.

The Conversation allows viewers to get more in-depth information about their potential elected officials as hosts interview each candidate solely for up to 25 minutes; audience members are able to call or text questions to candidates live on the air. The show also allows for a small studio audience.

The Conversation airs live on Sundays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM until June 3.

Viewers can watch the 5-27-18 episode of Sunday's The Conversation for free daily on The ONME Network at 6 AM, 12 PM, 6 PM and 12 AM. The ONME Network is available for free on the ONME app, ONME LUX device or on any mobile device:

Watch past shows of The Conversation on our ONME On-Demand video player on the front page of

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