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Kwanzaa celebration proves to be a different start to the new year

FRESNO, CA -- The African-American Historical & Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley

hosted the 7-day Kwnazaa celebration for over 15 years. This year's captive audience of over 60 people each night, talked more into solutions than problems as a result of the current hostile President Trump era.

Hosts Mushanna and Keeza mcCoy made sure members of the audience could express their community concerns, feelings and hopes for the future.

Checkout the video below featuring the night of Ujamaa, cooperative economics where board chair, Julia Dudley Najieb shared Maggie Anderson's story, a black woman who described her experience buying black for one year, all items from black businesses.

The video was followed by an economics workshop based on last year's community brainstorm of solutions to help circulate the dollar within the African-American community.

The community team agreed to move forward with the plan of action to help fulfill the economic issues in the community. Watch video to get more details of the community's economic plan.

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