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African-American Museum law enforcement exhibit also to feature former inmate’s exquisite art

Recently released Marion Meux who served 41 years in the California prison system painted beautiful works of art

FRESNO, CA – Upcoming African-American Historical & Cultural Museum of San Joaquim Valley, (AAHCMSJV) exhibit starting Saturday, July 8th will not only feature prominent African-Americans in law enforcement from throughout the Central Valley, but talented artist, Marion Meux, who was a former inmate in the California prison system for 41 years will feature several of his most exquisite pieces he crafted while incarcerated.

According to news source Inside the CDCR, Meux never painted a day in his life prior to his incarceration. Encouraged by correctional officers to participate in Arts-in-Corrections programs, he took the time to nurture his newfound talent of artistic expression, which eventually expanded across many different genres of painting styles. Meux started painting at the San Quentin State Prison in the 1990s, and has been painting every day since.

“I had never done anything on this scale before,” said Marion Meux. “I jumped at the chance – it was an opportunity. It’s an extremely therapeutic endeavor for me. It allows me to explore my inner self, my inner soul.”

AAHCMSJV Executive Director, Gwen Morris, felt Meux’s paintings have a unique story to tell the masses, as every twist and turn of his life's journey appears to be manifested through each brush stroke on his canvas.

“What a great opportunity to show and highlight not only the dedicated African-American police officers in our community because that’s’ who our founder was, but our founder, Jack Kelley, was much more than that,” explained Morris.

“He was always about the rehabilitation of individuals who have learned from their mistakes and want another opportunity in life to make a difference in our society. We are welcoming such folks back into our community with open arms, and letting the public know about their innate skills and talents such as Mr. Meux,” said Morris.

As the AAHCMSJV begins its 25 years celebration for its one-of-a-kind, pictorial gallery, the FPD has joined in partnership with the Museum for the upcoming opening reception with the intention to continue the exhibit as an annual event.

WHAT: Opening Reception; A tribute to Jack Kelley and the African-American Law Enforcement Officers of the Central Valley featuring the artwork of Marion Meux

WHEN: Saturday, July 8, 2017, 4:00 PM -6:00 PM

WHERE: African-American Historical & Cultural Museum of SJV

1857 Fulton St., Fresno, CA, 93721

COST: $60.00 membership

View some of Meux’s artwork and story:

The Pictorial Exhibit will be available from June 26th - July 29th.

Membership is available on the AAHCMSJV website: www.aahcmsjv,org

About the AAHCMSJV Museum:

The AAHCMSJV which houses hundreds of historical photographs, artifacts and memorabilia dating back to the 1880’s, is known for its documentation of the numerous contributions of local African-Americans from throughout the San Joaquin Valley, profiling them through pictorial exhibits.

For media inquiries call Gwen Morris: 559-544-1857 -or- visit:

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