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It will take you to the link to submit video once form is filled out

"Messenger" Submit Video & Photo Release Form
I am submitting:
Do you have ownership calim , copyright or overall rights to submit this video?


By checking this box, you, confirm that you have the ownership rights or permission to submit this video.  You also confirm that INFO Media Distribution and its affiliates has been given permission by you and your related parties, to freely exploit via TV broadcasts, online broadcast or the like for up to one year of the date of said video submission, without compensation. 

You also agree to confirm that you have given INFO Media Distribution and its affiliates permission to exploit your likeness, image, or relative parties featured in the video, their likeness and image as well.  You agree to indemnify INFO Media Distribution and its affiliates from any lawsuit, argument or dispute regarding submitted video.

You understand that video submitted longer than the allotted time [up to 3 min. and 10 seconds], then INFO Media Distribution will have the right to delete submission.

Videos submitted are are on a first come, first served basis; INFO Media Distribution and its affiliates will send you an email or text using the information from this form to contact you of the broadcast date.


Your electronic signature below confirms you understand the terms and conditions above, and agree to the photo release form and licensing agreement, verified with your electronic signature below.

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