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Op-Ed: Young brother convicted of mass murder and sentenced to death in Calif says trial was unjust

By ONME Newswire

ONME News point of reference: Over 12 years ago, Valley Black Talk Radio show hosts Julia Dudley Najieb and Mel Sanders did an in-depth radio talk news series regarding two African-American brothers, Timothy Young and Donald Young, concerning the Pato's Place murders in Tulare County.

The case rose many questions concerning the poor handling of evidence, witness tampering, lack of due process, and the lack of clear evidence to connect both brothers conclusively to the awful massacre which occurred in an an execution-style murder, killing five people on July 18,1995 at Pato's Place, a bar which has since then been closed down.

As a preliminary hearing took place four years after the fact to determine credible evidence, prosecutors depended on the Grand Jury instead, although there were questionable testimonies from incredulous witnesses, (one faulty testimony being from a convicted felon and noted foe of both brothers.) The Grand Jury issued an indictment to both Young brothers.

A delayed jury trial then ensued over 10 years after the murders at Pato's Place; evidence was lost and testimonies changed; there were no African-Americans who served on either jury.

The jury found both brothers guilty, sentencing them to death in 2006; the Young brothers are sitting on death row today in San Quentin State Prison.

The Young brothers have continued to insist their innocence from these horrific murders.

Below is an authentic letter from Donald Young, submitted to ONME News by his wife, Anne Young.


...please find article in attachment written by my husband, Donald Ray Young; a condemned prisoner in San Quentin, CA

Donald and his brother were the focus of Oxygen Network’s crime investigation program, Killer Siblings Season 2 Episode 6 that aired in December 2020.

Donald is an INNOCENT man sitting on death row for crimes he did not commit. Jailhouse snitches, falsifying records, tampering with evidence, destroying exculpatory evidence, alibi, contradictory witness descriptions, witness coercion, and murder weapons bearing someone else’s fingerprints, there are substantial reasons to question the procedures and due process of his conviction. We have copious evidence that contradicts the state’s case, as well as every lie that had been uttered by the state’s star witness.

Thank you for your support.

Anne Young


Nov 25, 2023

DNA does not lie. The Young brothers got what was coming to them! They were the ones causing all of the delays in order to escape prosecution. I hope their sentence is carried out sooner than later!


Anné Young
Feb 17, 2021

This is a synopsis of how Donald's wrongful conviction was crafted. They knowingly sent an innocent man to Death Row, a scapegoat in a legal lynching. This is his struggle for exoneration. In Solidarity!

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