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ONR Elec. 2020 Pt. 5: Host talks burning ballot boxes, election misinfo and Tucker's view on Prop 21

Election officials combat misinformation regarding California's mail-in ballot system

By ONME Newswire

As the 2020 Presidential Elections are just a few weeks away, ONME News Review (ONR) host, Julia Dudley Najieb, discussed the latest election news concerning misinformation and burning ballot boxes: Unfortunately, bad behavior at the ballot boxes is causing concern for voters worried about the outcome; will this be a fair election? Residents of Baldwin Hills - located in Los Angeles County - have an obvious concern, as their ballots may have been burned up by an unknown arson suspect.

Meanwhile, California officials had to immediately prohibit GOP ballot boxes illegally placed throughout California, confusing voters on legitimate ballot boxes.

Najieb also had an in-depth discussion with expert political guest host Michael Tucker about Proposition 21.


Watch Michael Tucker's views on the California Propositions:


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Review 2020 Propositions Endorsed by ONME News


In case you missed the in-depth discussion about Ice Cube's and the presidential candidates' Black agenda for this 2020 election:



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