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ONME Local: Fresno COVID-19 Vaccine series pts. 2 & 3 features med. experts and elected leaders

Mayor Jerry Dyer speaks from personal experience of having COVID-19; expert nurse practitioners layout the facts behind the vaccine

By ONME Newswire

The COVID-19 vaccination trust-issue continues to be an area of contention for African-American California residents who do not have enough information about the vaccine on hand:

New local show, It's ONME Local - Fresno featured a three-episode virtual townhall with producer host Julia Dudley Najieb featuring in parts 2 and 3, experienced medical experts as well as elected officials who have had COVID-19 experiences or have taken the vaccine.

At the beginning of the week, Dudley Najieb talked to Pastor B.T. Lewis, Rev. Dominic Holland and Rev. Chester L. McGensy in a virtual panel discussion about the churches' stance on COVID-19 along with their personal experiences and stories relating to the vicious virus.


Did you miss part one of the It's ONME Local - Fresno virtual tow-hall series? Then watch it now!


Part two featured The Honorable Kimberly Tapscott-Munson regarding her COVID-19 experiences and vaccine experience with pictures. Tapscott-Munson is the vice-president of the Fresno County Office of Education Board of Directors and the community liaison for City of Fresno Councilman Miguel Arias' office.

Tapscott-Munson urged people to consider taking the vaccine because there are a disproportionate number of Black people, especially Black men, dying because they are afraid to go to the hospitals when they have symptoms.


Watch part 2 of the It's ONME Local - Fresno virtual tow-hall series!


In part 3 of the virtual town-hall series, Fresno, CA Mayor Jerry Dyer talks about his COVID-19 experiences and illness with producer host Dudley Najieb.

Thereafter she interviews Central Valley Black Nurses Association spokesperson and registered nurse, Carla Stanley, who his heading a vaccine clinic taking place at Gaston Middle School, locate in Southwest Fresno, CA.

Finally, Dudley Najieb goes into descriptive details, highlighting medical experts from a January 16, 2021 Pastors Physicians Forum hosted by Family Community Church, under the leadership of Rev. Chester L. McGensy.

The community church forum moderated by registered nurse, Karen Ledee-Lewis, began with the clergy's stance on the COVID-19 vaccine, then it went into specific details about the COVID-19 virus, the make-up of both vaccines approved by the FDA, and the data that shows that both vaccines are fully vetted and safe.

Dudley Najieb interviewed Ledee-Lewis live and in-depth about the nature of the COVID-19 vaccine, what people should expect, and what is in the vaccine, itself.



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