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Note to ‘No party preference voters’: Act now or risk not voting next year


Not a registered Democrat, or Independent or Republican? Or not affiliated with any other political party?

California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla is encouraging “no party preference” (NPP) voters to complete presidential primary ballot selection postcards county elections offices across the state are mailing to them.

He said returning the form on time will make next year’s voting process in California much easier for voters and elections officials.

“The American Independent, Democratic, and Libertarian parties are allowing No Party Preference voters to participate in their March 3, 2020 presidential primary elections,” said a press release from Padilla’s office.

“With the launch of a new ‘How to vote for U.S. President’ website, direct mailings to voters, and social media campaigns, elections officials are working to educate and assist all eligible Californians,” Padilla continued. “No Party Preference voters, in particular, need to know their options for requesting a ballot with presidential candidates, if they so choose.”

NPP voters who do not respond to the postcard they receive in the mail will be mailed a ballot without any presidential candidates listed.

To participate in the Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican parties' presidential primaries, NPP voters must first re-register with one of those parties of their choice.

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