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News and Coffee Episode 8: Murphy says 1940s 'Black-White doll test' still the same in 2021

By ONME Newswire

News and Coffee - Episode 8:

Tune in to the News and Coffee Morning Show with your host Joquoya Murphy as she shares the latest in Black California News showcasing news headlines: a new app to help marginalized groups, a study that recreated the famous1940s ‘doll test,’ and a highlight on two black authors.

Following the headlines, Joquoya runs through her favorite posts from social media art, mental health, the environment, and #blackgirlmagic. Joquoya also shares her top three black-owned businesses health and wellness, stationary, and all things cakes!

1940s, Kenneth and Mamie Clark – a husband-and-wife team of psychology researchers – used dolls to investigate how young Black children viewed their racial identities.

They found that given a choice between Black dolls and white dolls, most Black children preferred to play with white dolls. They ascribed positive characteristics to the white dolls but negative characteristics to the Black ones. Then, upon being asked to describe the doll that looked most like them, some of the children became “emotionally upset at having to identify with the doll that they had rejected.”

The Clarks concluded that Black children – as a result of living in a racist society – had come to see themselves in a negative light.


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