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Netflix miniseries explains why the civil rights role is so important to Colin Kaepernick today

Since the release of "Colin in Black and White," is mainstream media causing people to miss the importance messaging on racial bias in the other episodes?

In this episode of News Too Real - PART 2: An in-depth review of newly released, 6-part, dramedy series to Netflix, "Colin in Black and White ", producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews each episode's theme and story line.

Dudley Najieb gives brief cinematic commentary ofn the director's messaging goals in each episode.

The mini series produced by former NLF player, Kaepernick and award-winning, writer, director and producer, Ava Duvernay details Kaerpernick's journey through his young life with the aspirations to be a star football quarterback.

With much sacrifice and perseverance, the young Kaepernick painstakingly stumbles through racism, racial bias, structural racism and Black identity as he pursues his dreams to become a star football quarterback.

Beyond the controversial mini-series, Kaepernick has founded several foundations and partnership who have the unified vision to combat racism through education, and to prepare young Black and Brown youth for potential encounters with racial bias, corrupt police officers or other relative incidents.



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