Democracy Revealed Epi. 7: Civil Rights leader Zoom meeting with Biden-Harris Admin. gets leaked

Tucker reviews the latest transitions happening in the Biden-Harris Administration

By ONME Newswire

In this episode of Democracy Revealed, producer host Michael Wyatt Tucker leads off with updates to the on-going Bi-Partisan Covid-19 Relief legislation being negotiated in Washington DC. How does that split into two bills work? Why was it done? What about the fight for a direct stimulus payment to all Americans?

In this week’s coverage of the Biden-Harris transition,Tucker shares his impressions and observations from watching the leaked teleconference between the President-Elect and Civil Rights leaders. He also discusses Biden’s announced nomination of the first black Secretary of Defense, former General Lloyd Austin.

In the final segment, Tucker discusses the idea of progressive House members using the Speaker of the House vote as leverage to get likely Speaker Nancy Pelosi to allow votes on Medicare For All and maybe some other popular policies that might otherwise be suppressed.

See full leaked video here:

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