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Demo. Rev. Episode. 9: Fresno's got a new mayor; Prop 22 damages are apparent and the attempted coup

By ONME Newswire


In this episode of Democracy Revealed, producer host Michael Wyatt Tucker leads off with the news of the Democratic victories in the Georgia Senate Run-Off elections on Jan 5th. Then, he moves on to what happened the very next day: the siege on the Capital by Trump-inspired rioters in a futile attempt to disrupt the final steps in the normally peaceful transfer of power from the current President to the next. They were not successful, of course, but it is important to discuss what happened and why.

In this week’s California regional news, Tucker introduces us to new mayor of Fresno, CA, Jerry Dyer, and reviews his message, and some aspects of his early agenda.

Tucker also discusses the rising infection rates in various counties across California and gives some commentary on vaccine distribution.

In the final segment, Tucker discusses a possible consequence of the passing of Prop 22: the announcement from Albertsons that they will stop running their own deliver service with regular employees and transition to using DoorDash as a delivery vendor. It is unclear what will happen to the Albertson’s current delivery drivers.

Also, Tucker shares an interesting bit of news about the source of a large influx of money into the recall campaign running in California for the purpose of removing Governor Newsom.


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