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Central Valley Elections: News Too Real Special reviews state and regional candidates for June 7

By ONME Newswire

In this episode of News Too Real: 2022 Primary Elections;

Let's review US senator candidates, Central Valley US reps and state candidates, show host, Julia Dudley Najieb, reviews the US Senate candidates, Central Valley US representative candidates, California state senators and state assembly candidates for Tuesday's June 7, 2022 Primary Elections.

Dudley Najieb also addresses the issue of the US Senate candidates being printed on the ballot twice--this is not a mistake ... it was to avoid a "constitutional snag," according to CalMatters, who said the the state Assembly passed a bill last year that calls for an election whenever a Senate seat becomes vacant. It also generally requires that election to be held the same day as a regularly scheduled statewide election, “to ensure the greatest participation” and “to avoid the costs and disruptions of standalone statewide special elections whenever possible,” according to the bill’s author, Menlo Park Democratic Assemblymember Marc Berman.

At the time, Senator Kamala Harris left the the US Senate seat to serve as Vice-President of the United States; Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Alex Padilla immediately to serve in that vacant seat.


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