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CA Politics Now: (01-10-24) PARTS 1&2 - Here's how does the U.S. House of Representatives work and key races to watch

By ONME Newswire

In part 1 of this episode of "California Politics Now," news producer, Julia Ann Dudley Najieb went over how the U.S. House of Representatives work and the elected officials currently serving in those positions.

In part 2, of this episode of California Politics Now, Dudley Najieb reviews why the 20th congressional seat is vacant:

Redistricting in 2022 returned the district to the San Joaquin Valley. The new 20th district includes parts of Kern, Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties. It includes the southern Sierra Nevada and western Mojave Desert, with three "fingers" extending west into the valley. Cities in the district include Clovis, Tehachapi, Ridgecrest, Taft, Lemoore, the west and northeast sides of Bakersfield, the south side of Visalia, the northeast side of Tulare, the north side of Hanford, and a sliver of northeastern Fresno including California State University, Fresno. The new 20th district is the most Republican district in California, with a Cook Partisan Voting Index rating of R+16.


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