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Asm. Shirley Weber’s daughter is running for her mom’s San Diego District seat

Antonio Ray Harvey | California Black Media

Dr. Akilah Weber,daughter of Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), has announced that she is running for the 79th Assembly District seat that her mom will soon vacate. If she wins, the younger Dr. Weber would have the opportunity to carry on a family legacy in California politics known for strategic consensus building at the state level that’s rooted in – and deeply connected to -- local grassroots organizing at home.

Dr. Weber, a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, is a current member of the La Mesa City Council. La Mesa, a San Diego County city with about 57,000 residents located about 9 miles east of downtown San Diego, is known in that area as the “Jewel of the Hills.”

Last week, Gov. Newsom nominated Assemblymember Weber for California Secretary of State. A few days later, the younger Weber made an announcement of her own: that she is running to repla