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2022 Primary Elections: Watch review of the top California governor and lieutenant gov. candidates

Producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews the top candidates, their key platform issues and fundraising amounts thus far

By ONME Newswire

News Too Real April 13, 2022: In episode 13 of season 4, producer host Julia Dudley Najieb reviews the top 2022 California governor and lieutenant governor candidates; The ONME Podcast Network sifted through the most probable candidates by evaluating their campaign support and grass-root effort support. State-office candidates who were able to raise 30K or more made it to the initial list of candidates for ONME's viewing audience, (see lists at the below.)

Here is a list of all the candidates running for California governor in the 2022 June 7 Primary; the top two vote-getters will move onto the Nov. 8 general election.

Here are the 2022 California gubernatorial candidates:

  1. ($11.8M+) Gavin Newsom, Democratic, Governor of California

  2. ($1.0M+) Brian Dahle, Republican, Senator/Farmer

  3. ($888K+) Jenny Rae Le Roux, Republican, Entrepreneur/Mom/Businesswoman

  4. ($118K) Shawn Collins, Republican, Military Officer/Attorney

  5. ($100K+) Anthony Trimino, Republican, Entrepreneur/CEO

  6. ($88K+) Leo S. Zacky, Republican, Businessman/Farmer/Broadcaster

  7. ($75K) David Lozano, Republican, Executive Officer/Attorney

  8. ($73K+) Michael Shellenberger, No Party Preference, Homelessness Policy Advocate

  9. ($60K+) Reinette Senum, No Party Preference, city councilwoman

  10. ($15K) Major Williams, Republican, Entrepreneur/Businessman

  11. ($9.3K) Joel Ventresca, Democratic, Retired Airport Analyst

  12. ($4.9K) James G. Hanink, No Party Preference, Retired Educator

  13. ($1,500) Daniel R. Mercuri, Republican, Father/Business Owner

  14. Cristian Raul Morales, Republican, Director of Operations

  15. Robert C. Newman II, Republican, Farmer/Psychologist

  16. Lonnie Sortor, Republican, Business Owner

  17. Anthony "Tony" Fanara, Democratic, Owner of Restaurant

  18. Heather Collins, Green, Small Business Owner

  19. Serge Fiankan, No Party Preference, Small Business Owner

  20. Ron Jones, Republican, No Ballot Designation

  21. Armando "Mando" Perez-Serrato, Democratic, No Ballot Designation

  22. Luis Javier Rodriguez, Green, Writer/Poet

  23. Woodrow "Woody" Sanders III, No Party Preference, Entrepreneur/Director/Engineer

  24. Frederic C. Schultz, No Party Preference, Human Rights Attorney

  25. Ronald A. Anderson, Republican, Contractor/Inspector/Businessman

  26. Bradley Zink, No Party Preference, Children's Book Author

Here are the 2022 California lieutenant governor candidates:

  1. ($2.4M) Eleni Kounalakis, Democratic (Incumbent)

  2. ($5.5K) David Hillberg, No Party Preference

  3. David Fennell, Republican

  4. Jeffrey Highbear Morgan, Democratic

  5. William Cavett "Skee" Saacke, Democratic

  6. Clint W. Saunders, Republican

  7. Angela E. Underwood Jacobs, Republican

  8. Mohammad Arif, Peace and Freedom

News Headlines Featured 4-13-22


After more than two years of countless updates to its entry requirements and travel warnings, Jamaica is fully reopening to all travelers without restrictions.

Set to come into effect on Friday, April 15, 2022, Jamaica has decided to lift its pre-departure Covid test requirements for travelers. The pre-departure test was the last remaining Covid-related entry requirement in place for international arrivals to Jamaica.

As a result, the Caribbean Island nation will be the latest country to lift all of its Covid health-related entry restrictions for international tourists.

Jamaica’s current travel restrictions state that all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, must show a negative Covid test result (antigen or PCR) no later than 3 days from travel prior to boarding their flight. This requirement will be dropped for all travelers on April 15th, regardless of vaccination status.


CEO of State Chamber wants to ensure Black business community is never again left behind

Every person of color knows what it’s like to be the only one of your kind in a room. It takes courage to stand out and maintain composure and grace while establishing to the room that you belong there. It’s something white people, and in particular white men, rarely have to experience.

Tom Bracken, CEO of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, appears to get it.

That’s why Bracken put himself in the uncomfortable seat when sealing the deal for an initiative with the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey two years ago.

It was predictably intimidating – and eye-opening, he said.

Bracken was asked very in-depth and detailed questions about how the initiative was going to be measured and handled, why he was interested in it, and how he would ensure that it reaped any benefits for the AACCNJ and its members.

“I realized that I couldn’t be the one to lead,” he said. “Because I can read about this stuff, I can hear about this stuff, I can talk to people, they can tell me their stories, but I never lived it.”


Black Student Success Week returns April 25-29, 2022, inviting administrators, faculty, staff, and students from across the California Community College system to examine the resources and programs that support Black student success. This year’s theme is A Vision for Black Student Success: Creating a New Landscape to Succeed. The 2022 Black Student Success Week will focus on new approaches to ensure Black and African American students succeed at California Community Colleges as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The week will kick off with remarks from U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona.

Webinars will be held via Zoom and live-streamed on YouTube. Webinar registration is now open.

Go to where the links are provided to the webinars.


Viewers can watch the News Too Real video podcast online at scheduled times 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM PST or on-demand via OTT channels Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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