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2020 Census: Watch part 2 of Thursday's State of Black Tulare County online town hall

Community experts discuss critical Tulare County Black Health facts and the 2020 census

By The ONME Newswire

Another jarring town hall centering around the health of African-Americans in the Central Valley proved to be eye-opening to hear with a need for a call to action right away.

The African-American Museum Historical & Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley (AAHCMSJV), founded by the late Tulare, CA native, Sgt. Jack Kelley, hosted its second online 2020 Census town hall Thursday night, April 30 to address mental, physical and social health among African-American residents living in Tulare County.

The 2 1/2 hour-long event was sponsored by the Tulare Complete Count Committee, Sierra Health Foundation and the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund.

The alarming high rate of diabetes in Tulare County among African-American residents, according to a Fresno Bee article published last year noted the diabetes death rate to be 227.9 deaths for every 100,000 people--more African Americans are dying from diabetes in Tulare County than any other group.

Local celebrity host, Ken McCoy of ONME News's Ken McCoy Entertainment Report, moderated the online forum featuring Tulare, licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) Kelly Baker, social work and health administrator expert Larry Dodson, and community advocate Bishop Larry Dodson. The AAHCMSJV museum operation's director, Gregory Melancon, served as the local historian and census-information specialist on the panel again.

Experts had a candid discussion loaded with facts about the intertwined relationship of racism, mental health and physical health, and why funding from the 2020 census is critical, (watch video above to hear more from experts.)

Watch last week's town hall part 1 below:

Listen to the audio below:

Where to watch online after the broadcast:

How to watch on Smart TVs:

Watch on Roku TV under "The ONME Network", Amazon Fire TV under "The ONME Podcast Network.".

Where to Watch offline:

Watch Part 1 and 2 on CMAC, Comcast Channel 93 and AT&T-Uverse Monday through Thursday starting at 8:00 PM and Friday mornings at 9:00 AM.



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