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'Pastors for Peace' caravan to Cuba in a Fresno send-off June 19

The Event:

Help Pastors for Peace defend Cuba from US gov't. attacks. Defending Cuba supports the right of every nation to resist US neocolonial control and exploitation, and to use its resources for its own people.

This send-off is a great chance for those who have questions about Cuba (or a special interest in how it is possible to teach everyone to read and write, and how that changes everything.)

Event Time & Place:

6:30 PM, Wesley Methodist Church 1343 E Barstow Ave, at 4th St

(parking lot entrance on 4th), Fresno, in the Sanctuary.

The Speakers FROM Cuba: We hear about Cuba but not from Cuba. Our main speaker has a lifetime of participation in the Cuban revolutionary process as an educator, a literacy and gender activist; an educator and community activist involved in the Cuban revolutionary process for almost 60 years. Very young volunteer teacher in the 1961 literacy brigades 40 years as an educator, in schools & the workplace. Gender issues activist. Catherine Murphy, for Pastors for Peace: filmmaker and founder of The Literacy Project, a multi-media documentary project on adult literacy in the Americas, director of the film MAESTRA about the 1961 Cuban literacy brigades.

Film: MAESTRA (short version) Live music: Teatro de la Tierra/Generaciones Potluck supper: try some Cuban congrís

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