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Fresno Black Infant Health: ‘Sista’ Talk’ group uncovers undeniable facts of racism affecting the he

FRESNO, CA—By now the news is out on the Black Infant Health crisis affecting Black families nationwide and locally; Fresno County having some of the most fatal statistics regarding the Black infant mortality rate which is two times higher than the state of California rate.

Fresno County Department of Public Health Black Infant Health Program (FBIH) has been determined over the last several years to help dwindle these startling statistics through culturally educational resources for Black expecting moms.

A major part of the program involves a group interactive dialogue sprinkled with useful tips and information for the pregnant mothers in the program.

The intricate group session called, Sista’ Talk, allows the women to express their current and past experiences that have negatively affected them; the authentic stories reveal such common themes of relationship woes, but especially bouts of racial incidents.

Public health nurses and professionals on staff help moderate the discussion (Janel Calybon), interjecting positive feedback and usable tools for the pregnant mothers dealing with life stressors.

In the next few upcoming episodes of Sista’ Talk, the women have a candid discussion about YouTube video excerpt, video excerpt, Unraveling the Mystery of Black-White Differences in Infant Mortality, where neonatologists James Collins and Richard David researched on the differences in birth outcomes between African American and white American women finding that the cumulative stress of racism is taking a toll on African American families even before their babies are born.

FBIH focuses on helping women to feel proud of their culture, and to not be ashamed of miscarriages or other related infant mortality happenings in their lives.

Black pregnant mothers 30 weeks or less are encouraged to join the free program, or find out more about the services.

Pregnant Black women in general can still benefit from the plethora of free information on their website and online TV channel here.

Watch episode 4 below.

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