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From foster care to doctorate: Young Dr. Ricks may have you 'puzzled' about her harrowing s

FRESNO,CA--It's a Friday evening on E. street, just on the edge of downtown where a gathering of family, friends and co-workers are enjoying a celebration: Bedazzled with a black & gold ballerina tutu and black and gold top, the candid, glowing Dr. Deshunna Monay Ricks addresses her crowd of comrades with the first game of the night, providing each of the several tables with a puzzle.

Guests were more than willing to participate in celebrating the recent accomplishment of Dr. Ricks, who had just completed her doctorate degree in education. It will be important to note for later that she also completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree along with her master's degree in social work from Fresno State in just a few years.

The exciting night continued as she set up a timer, where guests at each table became teams who had to complete this special puzzle together...

It would not be until her powerful relevant speech later in the night, guests would be informed of revealing truths about this puzzle, uniquely orchestrated into a lesson by Fresno Pacific University adjunct professor, Dr. Ricks. She described the puzzling game with many pieces, which has been the motto for her life to get through it and embrace it.

In a candid interview on new ONME Network TV show, One in 1, with host Julia Dudley Najieb, Dr. Ricks brings viewers into the window of her life, describing her life experiences of her father's murder in her youth, her mother's battle with drugs, her encounters with molestation from those who cared for her and her growing up in foster care.

The painful experiences that Dr. Ricks has turned into gems to be shared with others have launched her into a creative spiritual enterprise, I Have Value, Inc., where she eagerly wishes to reach those who feel down on themselves, are going through hard times, or need a voice of encouragement. Dr. Ricks has refined the enterprise into a movement that, "declares power, confidence, and self-love," according to her I Value Inc., statement.

Learn more about the significance of this special puzzle exercise which was an integral part of Dr. Rick's life journey as she climbed her way to success. Watch it starting this Sunday on The ONME Network at 8:00 PM daily or on CMAC television channels Monday night, Comcast Channel 93 and AT & T Channel 99 at 8:00 PM or Wednesday at 9:00 PM on the same channels.

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