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VBTalk MG: Last current-events episode before season break, until next year

FRESNO, CA - Valley Black Talk Media Group (VBTMG) featured its last current events show until next year; the season break will allow for new ONME Network programming to be featured starting this month: Make You Wanna Holla!, a show featuring men's group issues; One in 1, a show featuring premier Central Valley guests with exceptional stories with host Julia Dudley Najieb and Lost in the Equation (L.I.T.E.), a discussion series with hosts, current math instructor Chris Finley and former math instructor Lennice Najieb who highlight the math crisis among Black college students. The shows were scheduled to air in full force starting Dec. 16, but due to the final election wrap up footage from this week, the shows have been pushed back by one week.

This past Sunday, host Dudley Najieb discussed the latest local and California news headlines: The passing of local community leader Sam Lane; the Xmas Tree Exhibit winners; the meaning of Kwanzaa; California's historic arrests; North Carolina's first African-American sheriff; Michelle Obama's comments from her new book and a prominent white supremacist EMT working on patients of color in Virginia.

Online viewers are able to enjoy the live show Sunday nights from 8p-10p through The ONME Network free app or online TV broadcast. Television viewers can now watch VBTMG s' shows on TV, Monday nights from 8p-10p and Wednesday nights from 9p -11p on Comcast Channel 93 and AT&T Channel 99, (refer to the TV guide on Comcast or AT&T for further ONME programs broadcasting throughout the week.) CMAC also has an on-demand option and online TV channel and guide for those who for mobile devices.

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