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BREAKING NEWS: Eye-witness comes forward in regards to ONME owner's stolen identity

FRESNO, CA --It has been an ongoing battle this election season, as candidates fight to the finish in hopes of winning in the upcoming November 6, 2018 general election next week, with Fresno's city council race being at the forefront, especially district three, as it relates to The ONME Network.

As an ethnic media outlet with niche news from the African-American community throughout the Central Valley, ONME News has been in the middle of unwanted crossfire, identity theft, credit fraud, computer hacking and episodes of severe bullying from district three Black candidate Jim Tate Hill and his supporters, along with supporter, local Black district three, elected official, Oliver Baines--all in the name of stopping the public from being informed of pertinent information regarding Hill's lack of integrity.

Candidate Hill, who had a press conference last week to garner community support, has not been as upfront with constituents and the general public, as pointed out in several past ONME News articles; from barely moving into the district a month before the deadline, to having a dismal financial track record as the former Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce (FMBCC) CEO, President and Board Chair for several years, Hill has also had to combat other communities dealing with integrity issues of where campaign funds were donated--one funder was an anti-gay supporter.

However, the ONME Network has had to endure Hill's constant bullying and bad-mouthing of the media outlet without cause, including alleged underhanded tactics to shut the outlet down.

The most offensive concerns dealt with credit fraud using the owners' personal information; Hill is the senior manager at Access Plus Capital, where ONME owners once filled out loan paperwork at the lending institution, which prides itself on helping minority-owned business. Access Plus Capital is a subsidiary of Fresno EOC, and is suppose to keep its current, past and future clients' credit information safe--unfortunately owners Julia Dudley Najieb and Lennice Najieb had a breach in such an agreement. Workers under Hill's directive, possibly such as Joi Eubanks, who was the former FMBCC treasurer under Hill, works on his campaign and is also an employee at Access Plus Capital, took their personal files and shared it with numerous members throughout the community; the ONME owners are still in the process of dealing with the backlash of their information being shared through social media, email, and text messages.

What's most alarming would be the recent finding of Julia DN's expired driver's licenses in mid-October, found in a very impoverished area of town; an eye-witness contacted the Najiebs to let them know he acquired the stolen ID. Eventually he came forward in an exclusive interview, (watch interview above.)

After the interview, the eye-witness let the Najiebs know that the tall, 6'2" lady held on to the driver's license ID for two years before showing it to him for sale on the streets; off-camera, he was showed a picture of Eubanks, which he identified as the lady that he got the ID from; in fact she had a pile of them. It would therefore give reason as to why she released such information during this current election cycle.

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