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VBTalk MG: Candidate Thurmond sees black media support as crucial to combat school crisis among bla

FRESNO, CA - The dismal numbers for African-American student performance on tests, in graduation rates, and in drop-out rates is alarming current elected officials and candidates running for office in education; the overwhelming apparent achievement gap is showing up in California’s Common Core-aligned assessments. The disparities have hit a pivotal point of urgency and concern for Latino and Latina school children, but especially African-American children. California’s Black students are twice as likely as White students to be identified for learning disabilities, and more likely to be identified for special education in general.

Valley Black Talk Media Group (VBTMG) discussed California pivotal race, the superintendent of public instruction, between candidates Assemblyman Tony Thurmond and Marshal Tuck. Thurmond reached out to the Black media in California via a set-up conference call to address these pertinent performance issues and other concerns in education.

VBTMG host Julia Dudley Najieb discussed the importance of that particular race, as well as an excerpt from the conference call, followed by personal commentary and an detailed analysis of Thurmond and Tuck, (watch video above.)

Online viewers are able to enjoy the live show Sunday nights from 8p-10p through The ONME Network free app or online TV broadcast. Television viewers can now watch VBTMG s' shows on TV, Monday nights from 8p-10p and Wednesday nights from 9p -11p on Comcast Channel 93 and AT&T Channel 99, (refer to the TV guide on Comcast or AT&T for further ONME programs broadcasting throughout the week.) CMAC also has an on-demand option and online TV channel and guide for those who for mobile devices.

Join host Dudley Najieb this Sunday, Oct. 21, as she reviews the second part of the California propositions for voters to be informed; absentee ballots have been mailed, and VBTMG hopes to give the the viewer an alternative view on voting to empower their choices in candidates, propositions, and measures.

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