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Honorary community council member is remembered for her guts to speak out

FRESNO, CA - Barbara Ann Hunt, a concerned citizen, community activist and spokesperson for the community representing Fresno District 3 residents for over 40 years, died of cancer on July 27 at age 71, (born January 23, 1947.)

Known for her political outspokenness, very blunt, Hunt would attend every city council meeting to challenge the elected council representatives, knowing the ins and outs of what was taking place at City Hall at all times, after evaluating mountains of city of Fresno documents.

The Fresno Bee reported that Hunt would review the agenda items thoroughly, spelling out the details she wanted to debate about, speak three solid minutes on the item, and do the same with the next item. Sometimes the city council representatives would be there all day until she was done; she wanted to make sure she held council members accountable for their votes, actions and lack of in-depth research concerning matters of her district.