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National Network in Action protest holds T- Mobile accountable for false robbery call on two black m

Video of a black man at gunpoint by 7 Fresno Police Officers crawling on his stomach unharmed

Submitted by Rev. Floyd Harris - YouTube

FRESNO, CA - Community activist Rev. Dr. Floyd D. Harris Jr., founder of the Fresno, CA National Network in Action, a civil and human rights organization, is calling for the community to boycott local and national T-Mobile Corporation because they turned a “blind eye” to holding its employeed accountable when they make gross errors in judgment based on race.

On Monday, June 25, 2018 a call was placed to the Fresno Police Department, (FPD) falsely claiming that the T-Mobile on Blackstone and Shaw was being robbed. According to Harris, after the humiliating and degrading way the FPD detained the two Black men who were alleged suspects before releasing them, there was no accountability for the error.

"Not one representative from T-Mobile apologized, made sure the men were okay, or found out who initiated the call. Instead the men were given a," said Rev. Harris.

According to Rev. Harris the Fresno, Ca police responded, “We only responded so aggressively because we got a call from T-Mobile that they were being robbed."

There was o answer from the T-Mobile corporate number given to the victims.

As these situations are becoming too common, it was in April 2018 that two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbuck’s due to the store’s manager calling the police on them for attempting to use the restroom before ordering, and refusing to leave the store.

"There are plenty more examples that could cited. With the disproportionate number of people of color, especially black males, increasingly being the targets of police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive and fatal punishments for little to no justifiable reasons at all," said Rev. Harris . He continued, "it is vital to expose any type of injustices that cause these instances to occur. We plan to keep pressing until T-Mobile representatives meet with and make amends with the victims in this matter. In addition, We are demanding that T-Mobile take their employees through cultural sensitivity training, and clearly define policy and procedure on protocol of when it is is necessary to call law enforcement."

Rev. Harris held a boycott Friday, July 20 at 5110 N Blackstone Ave #101, Fresno, CA 93710 to protest T-Mobile's lack of action and to encourage customers to boycott the brand.

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