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PowerPathway: out-of-work party promoter and single mom living in hotel finds job training rewardin

OAKLAND, CA --In Oakland he was an out of work party promoter and she was a single mother, living in a hotel room with a young son. Both say a job-training program run by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) gave them the power to change the course of their lives.

Shawn Tate and Shimia Buie are African American graduates of the highly competitive PowerPathway™ Program, which exists to “train the next generation of utility workers.” Tate and Buie participated in Oakland, where PG&E partners with the Cypress Mandela Training Center, which offers a 16-week pre-apprentice construction program that serves as a preliminary to PowerPathway™.

“I knew people that came there and didn’t even know how to read or do math well but when they graduated they knew how to do math, read blueprints and do surveys,” Tate shared.

“You name it; they teach it to you there. Anybody that’s serious about getting their life on track, there are people that’ll help you. I’m a living testament that it can be done,” he continued.

After completing the construction course, some participants are selected for the PowerPathway™ Program, which inclu