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The Conversation: Candidate Burrus wants to give Fresno district 3 residents something to smile abo

FRESNO, CA – Most residents of Fresno’s district three are aware of the crowded race that will be reflected on their primary election June 5th ballots—seven candidates long.

However, one candidate stands out with the actions and visions of progress, a resume to back his knowledge of land development, and the optimism to give people something to smile about because they are “going to love this community,” as stated by candidate Larry Burrus.

“If you work or shop at Food Maxx, Rite Aid, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, or requiring service from our police substation, you are benefiting from the work of what I, Larry Burrus, is doing in our community,” stated business owner Burrus who is a real estate broker, land owner, engineering and building contractor that drafted the plans for district 3’s major shopping center.

The City of Fresno Redevelopment Agency purchased the draft and land from Mr. Burrus for the construction of the shopping center.

Burrus, who has built 18 units of apartments, triplex, duplex and over 40 homes and repaired and remodeled 100’s of homes in Southwest Fresno, was featured on The Conversation this past Sunday night, to inform viewers of his extensive knowledge and background in land development—a much needed skill for city council members who spend a majority of their council meetings with land development contracts, issues, and concerns.

During the interview Burrus explained why a resume of what a person has done is much more significant than a politician convincing people of what they will do once they are elected to that city council seat. Fresno’s District three continues to have its hosts of issues, with a prominence concerning land use and attracting developers to the area.

Burrus built and remodeled many commercial buildings in Southwest Fresno, starting in the 80’s including the following: construction of a 2-way fruit stand, Ebenezer Community Church, Bethel Church of God, Fresno Temple, Our Lady of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, St. Rest Baptist Church, African-American Historical & Cultural Museum of the SJV, Louie Kee Market, Kearney Market, Wayne’s Liquor Store, Chandler Airport, and the Golden Palace Banquet Hall, (formerly known as Roller Town Skating Rink.)

Burrus points out that of course he did not do all of his construction projects alone; he makes it a point and priority to educate, train, and employ young men and women of all nationalities from the community which he lives and serves—district three.

“Our community is an extension of our home; its future is in our hands. The decision we make today will open doors for our children tomorrow.”

Find out more about Larry Burrus’ background and strategy to help continued growth and renovation in Fresno’s district 3.

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