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The Conversation: Candidate Burrus wants to give Fresno district 3 residents something to smile abo

FRESNO, CA – Most residents of Fresno’s district three are aware of the crowded race that will be reflected on their primary election June 5th ballots—seven candidates long.

However, one candidate stands out with the actions and visions of progress, a resume to back his knowledge of land development, and the optimism to give people something to smile about because they are “going to love this community,” as stated by candidate Larry Burrus.

“If you work or shop at Food Maxx, Rite Aid, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, or requiring service from our police substation, you are benefiting from the work of what I, Larry Burrus, is doing in our community,” stated business owner Burrus who is a real estate broker, land owner, engineering and building contractor that drafted the plans for dis