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Travis Allen, a Republican lawmaker adept at surfing, seeks governorship

Republican State Assemblyman Travis Allen has caught plenty of waves during his decades of surfing the waters off the coast. Now, the 44-year-old conservative from Huntington Beach, an avid short board surfer, is looking to ride a wave bigger than any he has conquered in the Pacific; a political tide composed of like-minded voters from across the Golden State that he hopes will elect him as California’s next governor.

Allen, a supporter of President Donald Trump and wielder of a sharp tongue on the campaign trail, said he could win the gubernatorial race. The legislator of six years and Orange County financial planner notes that Democrat Jerry Brown, California’s outgoing governor, won the 2014 election with 4.3 million votes and that Trump received 4.4 million votes from Californians in the 2016 presidential election.