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California family sues Starbucks after drinking barista’s blood

Manager offers family free drinks for a week

SAN BERNARDINO, CA, - One year after a San Bernardino, CA family was exposed to a Starbucks Coffee Company barista’s blood in their drinks, the family is suing the company.

On February 6, 2016, a woman, her husband, her mother-in-law and their young daughter ordered several drinks from the Starbucks located at 601 W. 2nd St. in San Bernardino, California and had begun to enjoy them at home when they noticed a red smear on the side of the white cup, along with a strong metallic smell. They then noticed the same kind of red stain on another cup which two family members, one of which was their young daughter, had already been drinking. After confirming that no one in the family was bleeding, they called the Starbucks location to report the incident and confirmed that there was in fact an employee who was bleeding but had since been removed from the sales floor.

The family was extremely concerned after consuming the beverages contaminated with an employee's blood, particularly as a two-year-old child had drank from one of the drinks. To compensate the family, the manager offered free drinks for a week, but the family felt it critical that the employee get a blood test to determine if