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Op-Ed - Jerome Horton on the Board of Equalization District 3: President Trump’s actions should in

Black Americans should be inspired to convert the anger provoked by the comments and actions of President Trump into an action plan, starting with the truth, because presenting a false narrative lures people into complacency and lowers their expectations.

As much as I admire Oprah Winfrey, Madam C.J. Walker, and Annie Malone – all self-made millionaires – and the relatively few black millionaire actors, business people, rappers, and sports figures, the glass ceiling they broke regenerated itself. As such, they do not represent a change that warrants complacency, lack of unity, and a blind allegiance to the status quo.

Shockingly, California’s African Americans suffer the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, under-employment, mental illness, incarceration, and wealth, health, education, and employment inequities, and the lowest homeownership rate.

Black people were underemployed (working below their capacity and for less) at a rate of 12.7% in No