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It's 2018 and yet eight nooses are hanging from bridges in Fresno

Compliments of KMPH

FRESNO, CA--It's ironically common that more and more the public is hearing of covered news stories such as white teens dressing as black faces at Halloween, Afro-wigs and prison wear at a justice department party in California, and now eight nooses hanging from a bridge, 30 feet above the San Joaquin River in Fresno, CA, reported to have been found Dec. 31st.

Can it be any worse to know that these hanging noose had to have been done by lift? So what could that possible mean?

Several things; someone had to have owned the lift, a company or business and had access to put them up there. Someone chose to make a statement at the end of the 2017 year and the message was heard loud and clear. And finally, this measure goes beyond prank value due to the dangerous nature of hanging nooses that high up from a bridge.

Perhaps the bigger statement was to be made in the current President Trump ere where race baiting has been an ever present tool for and against the President.

Watch the video and read the rest of the story here from FOX KMPH News.

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