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Fresno BIH: Ronika Hayden's Story Part 2 tells realities some may not be able to bear

FRESNO, CA --As the infant mortality rate among African-American babies continues to soar in crisis mode, the local branch of the Black Infant Health Program (Fresno BIH) continues their progressive outreach to Black expecting mothers through a massive social media campaign where women from the program are sharing their stories.

Part 1 of Ronika Hayden's Story featured last week has garnered thousands of views throughout Fresno County as more people are becoming educated on the national and local startling facts of the infant mortality rate in the Black community.

Watch Ronika Hayden's Story Part 2 where she continues her transparent story of what happened to her during her lost pregnancies and how the Fresno BIH was able to help her with her following experience.

Find more facts and pregnancy educational tips on the Fresno BIH program here!

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